MORE PINK BDA Cocktail Competition

MORE PINK BDA Cocktail Competition

Wahoo’s, Snitzel and a Prickly Pear Cocktail – Mikhaela’s winning combination!

Mikhaela Konrad has quite the success story on her hands with her amazing Prickly Pear cocktail. In the MORE PINK BDA Cocktail Competition, her delicious pink libation led from the very beginning. Even as other restaurants and bars joined the race, none could keep up with her tantalizing concoction. Mikhaela is young, on the front line of our hospitality industry and loves it. Learn a bit more about the proud St. Georgian and the “Can’t have just One” cocktail that made her the Winner of the MORE PINK BDA Cocktail Competition.

Q: Why do you love working at Wahoo’s ?
A: I love the atmosphere. We are like a big family and being as my father is the owner/ head chef it really is my family. I have always enjoyed working with my father.

Q: Why is hospitality a perfect choice for you and your personality?
A: I have been working in this industry for many years and have worked at each level starting as a bus girl. I was always told that I have the personality for this business. I am very social and enjoy talking to people from around the world. As a bartender, you have to be able to start conversations with anyone and make them feel welcome.

Q: What are the contents of the drink?
A: The Wahoo’s Pink Prickly Pear contains: 1oz Malibu, 1oz Grey Goose, ginger beer, lime juice and last the prickly pear puree the main ingredient that gives the drink it’s amazing colour and unique flavor. We will use local prickly pear when in season. When it isn’t in season we order it from our local distributor.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Bermuda and St. George’s?
A: I enjoy going out with my friends whether it be a night out in town, a nice dinner, bowling or the movies.
In St. George’s I enjoy going to football games and cricket games when the season is in and relaxing and enjoying good company with a nice pink cocktail.

Q: Why do you love most about Bermuda?
A: I have been away for school and experienced different cultures and nothing compares to home. Bermuda may be to some people boring but I feel like I have been spoiled growing up here. I work at an amazing restaurant for amazing people in the best part of the island. The East has a great sense of community; I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else in Bermuda.

Q: What’s your favorite thing on Wahoo’s menu?
A: Wahoo’s is already known for its great seafood dishes, however, my favorite item on the menu even though it’s hard to choose just one has to be Alfred’s Schnitzel Sandwich. My father the head chef Alfred Konrad is originally from Austria where the dish can be found at many restaurants. It is a breaded pork loin on a baguette with a lemon garlic sauce and a side salad. The flavors are just amazing. I suggest next time you are in the East to stop by and try one.

Q: If you had one wish for Bermuda what would it be?
A: I wish Bermuda would have more sense of community as an island as a whole. St. George’s is an amazing community, people encouraging others to do and be better. I just wish we saw this all over the island.